Beauty vlogger Allie Evans shows the tricks to a bold lip

Model and beauty vlogger Allie Evans, 16, shares her backstage secrets for rocking a supersaturated pucker in our December/January 2013 issue—check it out on p. 38. Plus, she put together a video tutorial just for GL girls. Get ready to go for the bold!



We chatted with Allie about what it’s like to be a YouTube celeb (check out her channel at, rock out a crazy-hectic modeling schedule, and still make time for the important things (like friends and holiday fashion). Ready to meet Allie and snag her secrets? Read on!


On being a model and YouTube celeb…


Girls’ Life: How did you get started vlogging?


ALLIE: I’m originally from Canada, and when I came [to California], I didn’t really know anybody so I was like, “Ok…What am I gonna do with my spare time?” I didn’t have any friends yet. Then one day I looked up “How to curl your hair” on YouTube. I saw that girls had a community on YouTube with beauty videos and tips on fashion and all that sort of stuff…and I was really into that so I made my own channel.


GL: How long did it take your channel to become so popular?

ALLIE: I never really noticed my progression. I just woke up one day and noticed, “Oh! I really have a large following online.” Once I started posting more frequently and giving more information about myself, and making a personal connection with my viewers, it took off.


GL: Do you have any tips for someone that’s just starting their own YouTube channel?


ALLIE: Make friends, because it makes making the videos and being part of the whole YouTube community a lot more fun. You can help each other by giving each other shout outs or talking about each other. It’s all word of mouth.


GL: Between school, modeling and YouTube, you’re one crazy-busy girl. What’s a typical day like for you?


ALLIE: Um…insanity? Ha! I’m still trying to figure out how to balance it all. I feel like I have a double life sometimes. I guess a typical day for me is getting up and looking at my email, checking on new [modeling] castings, and then going to school. I’ll usually go to lunch with my friends so I can have some type of social interaction because on the weekends I’ll go to an event, job, or test shoot or something. After school I’ll drive up to LA and go to castings, visit my agent and book [modeling] jobs. Then it’s back home to do my homework and have dinner.


GL: Are your friends and family super supportive of your schedule?


ALLIE: I kinda feel like my whole family and all of my friends are like a management group…and everyone doing their one little part helps me make my dreams come true. My dad calls himself Kris Jenner [the Kardashians’ mom] because he thinks he’s my manager.


GL: What do your viewers always want to know about you?


ALLIE: Girls always ask how I became confident enough to put myself out there. Making YouTube videos, modeling, doing fashion advice videos and having all these cool, great opportunities isn’t the most normal thing for a 16-year-old in high school—I’ve definitely had to deal with a lot of teasing or just negativity and jealousy from other people.


On beauty secrets…


GL: So what’s your secret to all that confidence?


ALLIE: I think the way you present yourself on the outside kind of determines how you feel on the inside—when you feel good about yourself and the way you look, it really boosts your confidence. Make sure that your self is always your number one priority. If you view yourself in a positive light, then other people are going to pick up on that and they’re going to treat you the same way.


GL: So what kind of beauty secrets have you picked up from back stage at the runway shows?


ALLIE: I always watch the hair stylists and ask them what they’re doing. I know the stylists probably think I’m so weird because I’ll be like, “Can you describe what you’re doing on me right now? Tell me all the steps and all the products you’re using!” [Note from GL: Love the way your hair looks after you leave the salon? Take notes from your stylist!]


GL: Any fashion tips you’ve picked up on the runway?


ALLIE: Dress for your body shape! I have a little boy’s body—I’m straight up and down, very tall. I used to wear really flowy stuff, and then I had no shape. Now I know to pick things that flatter my figure better.


On the holidays…


GL: What beauty trends will you be rocking this winter?


ALLIE: My favorite beauty trend is a red lip—I always wear it every day at school. My friends are like, “Really? It’s school!” but I love dressing up and I’m always overdressed for everything that I do. My makeup always takes it to another level.


GL: What will you be wearing to holiday parties?


ALLIE: I really like glittery shorts and a velvet blazer together, probably with black sheer tights and heels. Anything that’s bedazzled or sequined or glittery!


GL: What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2013?


ALLIE: My whole family puts our resolutions into a box every year. Mine is to be more positive, friendly and open to people. A positive attitude is the best beauty secret!

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by Kelsey Haywood | 2/1/2016
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