Get sleek! The curly girls guide to perfect hair--part 1

Got curls? No need to agonize over how to get your spirals perfectly springy or be totally envious of girls with stick-straight strands. With our fab hair face-off, you can pull a Taylor and rock it out either way whenever ya please.

How to: Get flat hair…fast!
No time for the full wash ‘n’ dry? Getting smooth hair is easier than you think.

1. Start with clean, completely dry locks and brush out hair from roots to ends, removing any knots.

2. Section hair, then mist with a heat protectant spray. Starting close to scalp, gently guide a straightening iron from root to tip in one smooth motion, never stopping. Let hair cool, then repeat if needed.

3. Continue straightening each section of hair, repeating until your entire mane is done. Finish with a light mist of medium-hold spray.


How to: Bust bedhead!

·    Before you head to bed, run a flat iron over your mane to eliminate any waves that sprung up during the day.

·    To get easy volume and keep things smooth overnight, pull hair into a loose bun and secure with a no-pinch tie.

·    To fight frizz in the AM, spray a bit of strong-hold hairspray on a hairbrush and lightly brush it through hair from roots to tips.


15 perf products for gettin’ smooth


  • 1Sties.jpg

    Tug-free tresses

    These no-pinch hair ties let you pull your hair back without leaving a crease! Perfect for putting your hair up before bed.

    Goody Ouchless tie backs, $4,

  • 2Stigi.jpg

    Minty fresh

    We love the smell of this peppermint hair mask so much; the fact that it heals damaged hair and leaves it silky smooth is just a bonus. Just lather it all over your damp hair, leave it in for 5 minutes, then rinse.

    Tigi Bed Head Peppermint Hair Mask, $22,

  • 3lush.jpg

    Soak it up

    Fighting frizz got a whole lot easier with this super-strength hair moisturizer. Maintain your hair’s gorgeous body without those pesky fly-aways just by treating your tresses for 20 minutes before your usual shower routine. 

    Lush USA The Strokes Hair Moisturizer, $20,

  • 4Srisenshine.jpg


    You’re a star—and your hair should shine like one. Dull, flat looking hair is dunzo with just a spritz of this. Your locks will be so light and airy, there’s no way you’ll want to stop swooshing around your mane.


    Not Your Mother’s Rise & Shine Silky Smooth Shine Mist, $6,

  • 5Sclips.jpg

    Hey there, alligator

    Sometimes your hair just has to get out of its own way. Start your sections off right with these cool gator clips. We recommend these, ‘cause they hold nearly all of our strands.
    Salon Care the Croco Clip, $6,
  • 6Sblow.jpg
    Bomb blow-out

    After straightening, finish up your ‘do with a few drops of this truly superior serum to avoid frizz for the rest of the day. Blow-out saved!


    Blow Pro Weathergirl anti-frizz serum, $22,

  • 7Sstraightener.jpg

    Straighten out

    Not only does this straightener tame even the most unforgiving frizz, but it conditions your hair and protects you from the effects of humidity. A good hair day, even when it’s raining? Yes, please.

    Style Therapy: Frizz Therapy 1" Flat Iron, $50,

  • 8Syellow.jpg

    Repair care

    Between the hot irons we style it under, the crazy hairstyles and harsh chemicals from dyes, our hair can get pretty beat up sometimes. It def needs some tender loving care. Treating your hair to a deep conditioning once a week prevents heat damage. And omigosh, you can actually feel it working. How cool is that?

    Eufora urgent repair replenishing treatment, $28,

  • 9blow.jpg

    Ready, set, dry!

    A formula that creates a fuller mane of hair, tames frizz, and…wait, it speeds up hair drying, too? You know what that means: Extra time to sleep in the morning and awesome hair. It can’t get better than that.

    Blow Ready Set Blow: Express Blow Dry Lotion, $21,

  • 10Spantene.jpg

    Suds cycle

    Start prepping to style your hair as soon as you get in the shower. Shampoo not only keeps your hair clean, but protects and treats it. We love this straightening shampoo because it soften and smooths any unruly curls.

    Pantene Straightening Shampoo, $10,

  • 11Sbrush.jpg

    Brush up

    A stylist is only as good as the tools she uses, right? Well, a large barrel is perfect for drying your hair and smoothing out those knots. This brush is so rad ‘cause it distributes heat evenly when drying to help sleekify your hair and make everything super shiny.

    Conair Infiniti Large Vented Mixed Boar Round Brush, $3,

  • 12Sstyle.jpg

    Buh-bye, burns

    Singeing is super damaging to your hair, which is why you should always use hot set spray before using any kind of heat tools on your mane. Try this spritzer to hold your gorgeous locks in place and repel humidity, all while avoiding that bad burned hair smell.

    Warren Tricomi Style Hot Set Spray, $17,

  • 13Sbb.jpg

    Prep star

    Ouch! Don’t you hate having knotty hair when you step outta the shower? We’ve found a solution to tackle the tangles. Not to mention, this prep spray helps all your other styling tools work even better.

    Bumble and Bumble Bb Prep, $20,

  • 14Sremane.jpg

    Settle down

    Your curls might need to chill out a little bit before you hit ‘em with the hot iron. No big deal. Try a curl relaxer that’s made primarily from natural ingredients to help ‘em lie straight.

    Curly Hair Solutions ReMane Straight, $17,

  • 15Spantene.jpg

    Straight shooter

    You’ve gotta match the conditioner up with the shampoo! This curly hair formula awesomely aligns and smooths your spirals in shower so it’s ready to straighten once you hop out.
    Pantene Curly Straightening Conditioner, $7,

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by Kelsey Haywood and Hannah Hicklen | 2/1/2016
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