Six GL girls score clear skin with Clear Start. Win it here!

Is your new year’s resolution to never get a breakout again (if you can help it, anyway)? There’s a science behind clear skin—and we’ve got the secrets to scoring a gorgeous complexion.

We hooked up a handful of GL girls with a month’s supply of Clear Start, then checked in to get the real-girl results. Take their advice and try it yourself—just enter to win in the comments.

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Clear Start is part of the Dermalogica family, one of the world’s top skincare brands. Clear Start features eight awesome products that treat breakouts while keeping skin healthy and hydrated.

What makes it different than other skincare solutions? Clear Start gives you the results you want with powerful ingredients—but without artificial fragrances used in tons of other teen acne treatments. So how it does work? We’ll break it down for ya…

Step #1: Cleanse
Use the Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash to deep clean and purify daily. Occasionally switch in the Blackhead Clearing Pore Control Scrub—it'll clear out your pores and reduce blackheads.

Step #2: Tone
So easy—just follow with a few quick spritzes of the Breakout Clearing All Over Toner, a refreshing mist for your face and bod. Dries in seconds.

Step #3: Hydrate
You've got three options here. For day, try the Breakout Clearing Daytime Treatment (a lightweight lotion and powerful treatment in one) or the Oil Clearing Matte Moisturizer SPF 15 (for hydration, all day shine control and sun protection). At night, use the Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment, a light gel that clears breakouts while you sleep.

Step #4: Treat
And when you need 'em for major breakouts, introducing your secret weapons. Try the Breakout Clearing Emergency Spot Fix (dab it on whenever to clear breakouts fast) and the Breakout Clearing Cooling Masque (a purifying masque that clears skin while soothing irritation).
Win clear skin here!
One lucky girl will score the entire Clear Start line, including full-size versions of all eight awesome products. Want to win yours? Just comment below and tell us why you want to win Clear Start—how do you think it’ll help you clear up and get more confident? Good luck!


  • DERM-Olivia D..jpg
    Olivia D.

    My skin before Clear Start: 
    "I had major acne."

    My skin after Clear Start: 
    "My acne is under control!"

    My Clear Start story:
    "Clear Start is a thorough set: cleanser, toner, treatments and a moisturizer—all in conveniently-sized bottles. I used the products as directed on the packaging, and I really liked the toner—it was my favorite thing in the set. Clear Start didn't irritate my skin like most sets do, which I loved."

    My skincare tip:
    "Make sure to cleanse your skin before and after working out. I used Clear Start when I had soccer games and needed to wash my makeup off."
  • DERM-Maria P.jpg
    Maria P.

    My skin before Clear Start: 
    "I had some acne."

    My skin after Clear Start: 
    "I still get occasional breakouts, but it's pretty clear!"

    My Clear Start story: 
    "When I first started using Clear Start, my skin felt refreshed. It took a month for me to see the results, but I knew it was worth it. I usually get blemishes on my forehead, but using the Clear Start regimen made my skin smoother and clearer."

    My skincare tip:
    "Washing your face with a face wash or acne product every morning and every night can help you achieve a clearer skin."
  • DERM-Elena C..jpg
    Elena C.

    My skin before Clear Start: 
    "I had occasional breakouts."

    My skin after Clear Start:  

    My Clear Start story:
    "It was amazing—I love Clear Start and want to keep using it because I became so much more confident in how I look. Now I only wear mascara for makeup—my face looks great. Any small breakouts that pop up are wiped out. I’d definitely recommend Clear Start to any friend who wants better skin."

    My skincare tip:
    "Keep your hands off your face—no matter how tempting it is, don't touch!”
  • DERM-Chloe.jpg
    Chloe O.

    My skin before Clear Start: 
    "I was keeping my acne under control."

    My skin after Clear Start: 
    "Pretty clear with a few breakouts."

    My Clear Start story:
    "Before I used Clear Start, I definitely had some problems (I’d wear foundation plus three different kinds of concealer in order to hide all my breakouts). But right now, after using Clear Start for a month, I literally have no acne on my face. When I first opened the box, my first thought was 'OMG, way too many steps.' But I was surprised at how simple it actually was. It took me less than three minutes in the morning and before bed. I really loved that about it—how easy it was. And then, of course, the results are phenomenal. I had quite a few zits but they were completely gone at the end of two weeks. I can even leave the house without wearing any makeup at all, and not give it a second thought. Before Clear Start, I wouldn't even dream of it."

    My skincare tip:
    "ALWAYS use moisturizer! No matter your skin type—oily or otherwise. Starving your skin of moisture can lead to oily skin, so don't skip it."

  • DERM-Brittany C..jpg

    Brittany C.

    My skin before Clear Start: 
    "I had a little bit of acne."

    My skin after Clear Start: 
    "It's getting better."

    My Clear Start story:
    "The daytime and nighttime treatments really worked well. The products have a nice, herbal scent. One tip on using the matte moisturizer: It has SPF for daytime, so be careful when you're applying it around your eyes. Overall, Clear Start helped my skin."

    My skincare tip:

    "Resisting the urge to pop a pimple is extremely important."
  • DERM-Alexis R..jpg
    Alexis R.

    My skin before Clear Start: 
    "I had mild acne."  

    My skin after Clear Start: 

    My Clear Start story:
    "I used to pile on makeup when my skin broke out. Within two days of beginning Clear Start, my face started clearing up. After two weeks, I noted my skin tone was more even. It even made my face softer, which was an added bonus I didn't expect. And now after using it for a full month, I don't even feel the need to wear foundation anymore. I love it!"

    My skincare tip:
    "It's so important to wash your face every morning and night, even if you didn't wear makeup or sweat that day. I had never used a skin regimen before so I thought it would be difficult to remember, but it was so easy—I just did it when I brushed my teeth." 
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by GL | 2/1/2016
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