The anti-mani: 3 so-sheer shades for spring

Cracked, peeling nail polish is so annoying, but it’s hard to maintain your nails all summer long! Here’s a hint: The clearer the polish, the less noticeable it is when it starts to crack off. For a subtle, thin splash of color that will stay neat and look chic for weeks, try these so-sheer spring shades.


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  • 1sheer.jpg

    Pop of pink

    Going for a neat, clear mani that’s fun and bright at the same time? This sheer cherry polish is the perfect mix of colorful and subtle.

    Cherry Pop, $9,

  • 2sheer.jpg

    Girly girl

    Want that extra girly sparkle for your nails? This flirty polish is just bright enough to leave you with a hint of pink glitter without going too overboard.

    Pink-A-Boo, $9,

  • 3sheer.jpg

    Naked nails

    If you’re really trying to have your mani go unnoticed, but want your nails to look nice and neat, try a super neutral polish. It’ll keep your nails lookin’ clean and cute without any color at all.

    Allure, $9,

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by Lindsay Hurwitz | 2/1/2016
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