5 summer beauty essentials for your beach bag

Between your phone, sunscreen and the perfect lipgloss, gettin’ out of the house with everything you need in your bag can seem impossible. These products are the absolute essentials to keep you happy and healthy this summer in the surf and sun. Leave these in your go-to summer bag and you’ll always be ready to go! 


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    Say no to sunburn

    Sometimes we think that by putting on one layer of sunscreen, we’re set for the day. Even though that would be super convenient, your 9 a.m. application will leave ya more than a little red at 3 p.m. Keep a tube of sunscreen in your bag this summer and reapply every few hours to ensure you don’t get a painful sunburn. We love how this sunscreen goes on with no shiny residue or stickiness. Plus, it’s a lotion rather than an aerosol, so it’s good for Mother Earth, too.

    Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, $10,

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    Balm-y weather

    Have you ever gotten sunburnt on your lips? Major ouch! This lip balm with SPF will help to ensure that your lips stay moisturized and safe from the sun. If your lips are already burned and chapped, the aloe vera and Vitamin E in the balm will sooth them. And get this: it comes in tons of yummy flavors, so you can grab your fave or test out a few new ones for the summer.

    Sun Bum Banana Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 30+, $4,

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    Beat down breakouts

    There’s nothing worse than when you can feel the sweat drying on your face and you just know a breakout is coming. Avoid that gross feeling by carrying a pack of face wipes around with you this summer. When you need to freshen your sweaty face, pull one of these out and just wipe the grime away. Be sure to re-apply your sunscreen afterwards, though, to keep yourself protected from a totally different skin disaster.

    Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes, $8,

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    Perfectly primped

    When you know it’s going to be a scorching hot and humid day, you just can’t trust your regular mascara. Bring out the big guns and apply waterproof mascara instead. Keep a tube in your bag in case you want to glam it up during the day. Whether you decide to swim at the pool or beach, this mascara will stay put without any trouble.

    Volum’ Express - The Falsies Waterproof Mascara Maybelline, $8,

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    Tame the mane

    Getting your hair tie knotted up in your perfect beach hair isn’t exactly fun. These ribbon hair ties last forever and won’t get tangled up in your locks. Stash extras in your bags so that your girlfriends can borrow them when the ocean wind whips their hair into their faces and they’re jealous of your ‘do.

    Sephora Collection Tropicolor Ribbon Hair Ties, $9,

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by Hannah Noyes | 2/1/2016