5 polishes that bring out your tan

We all love looking like we’ve got that perfect summer glow, but basking out in the sun for a deeper tan isn’t the best choice for our skin. Luckily, we found the perfect polishes for the summer that will bring out your natural skin tone without all the fuss of sunscreen. These neon, pale and even dark tones will complement your skin so well, you’re sure to look a couple shades darker! 
  • 1polishestan.jpg

    This electric, glittery blue? So perfect as a pedi.

    Electric Royal Blue Pearl, $11,

  • 2polishestan.jpg

    The juiciest hue for your tips or toes.

    Vices Versa, $9,

  • 3polishestan.jpg

    White’s a classic and looks chic for evening events.

    Alpine Snow White, $8,

  • 4polishestan.jpg

    This zippy red is an editor fave—seriously makes your skin look glowy!

    Tomato Ladybird Lacquer, $15,

  • 5polishestan.jpg

    Brighter-than-the-sun yellow? A new fave for every day in June.

    Lightening Yellow, $5,

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by Chloe Feldberg | 2/1/2016
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