The nail color we're choosing all fall


Can you feel it? Autumn is in the air. And that means it’s time to break out those gorgeous grays. That elusive shade between black and white is subtle while still making a statement. Read on for our fave gray nail art.


  • 1_blingtip.png

    Bling tip

    Snap the stereotype that grey is somber by adding hyper bright glitter polish. Sweep a little glitter on tip of your nail, then layer for even more sparkle.

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  • 2_omgombre.jpg


    Go modern monochrome with all shades of gray from dark to light. Our tip? Pile on the silver rings for a super chic and stylish statement.

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  • 3_pointpattern.jpg

    Point pattern

    Gray makes a great background for your zaniest nail pen patterns. Psst: chevrons are super easy!

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  • 4_mattegray.jpg

    Matte magic

    Say goodbye to glossy and poppy manis in favor of ever-cool matte polish for an unusual texture. Try a clear topcoat over your fave shade of gray.

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  • 5_topcoat.png

    Top Coat

    Wet n Wild shine top coat - matte, $1,


by Sooyoung Yoo | 2/1/2016