Ghoulishly cute Halloween nails


Want the cutest spooky nails to pair with your spectacular costume this Halloween? We have the perf nail combo that will totally *kill*. Here’s the easy how-to from nail artist Jin Soon Choi, founder of JINsoon Nail Lacquer and JINsoon Hand and Foot Spas in NYC. 

Prep Step: Apply a generous (even) coat of JINsoon Power Coat.


Step 1: Apply JINsoon Nocturne on each nail, so that your entire nail is black.


Step 2: Draw ghostly shapes with JINsoon Kookie White at the tips of the nail (feel free to use your imagination with the shapes). Remember not every nail has to be the same, so go wild.


Step 3: Dot JINsoon Nocturne where you would like the eyes to be with the very tip of the brush. Tip: Don’t use a lot of force; gently use the tip of the brush and paint will dot perfectly.


Step 4: Apply a coat of JINsoon Top Gloss to finish it off. Make sure you wait 5 minutes before the final clear coat; just to make sure nails are completely dry.

Extra tip: After the topcoat, soak your adorable spooky nails in a bowl of cold water to help keep set your new mani.



Photos courtesy of JINsoon


by Becky Kochell | 2/1/2016