Merry manis to rock under the mistletoe


Are your nails naughty when they should be nice? Chipped polish is a major no-no any day of the week, but with all the fun parties, concerts, and special holiday trips coming up, your nails need to go from “Bah, humbug” to “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” in a flash. Check out these marvelous salon-inspired manicures you can do with just a little bit of tape. Don’t worry—even us “manicure challenged” gals can nail these designs any day. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for nail art—get painting!


  • 1_candycane.jpg

    Minty mani

    Candy canes are the epitome of Christmas cuteness, so why not rock them on your fingertips? Admire your festive nails and get instagramming!



    1. Paint your nails white (tip: you may want to use a clear base coat—sometimes white polish can tint your nails yellow).

    2. Wait for coat to dry.

    3. To make stripes, cut thin strips of tape and stick them to your nail.

    4. Paint two coats of red nail polish over the nail and tape (we love Tip Your Hat by China Glaze). 

    5. Once polish dries, carefully peel back the tape.

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  • 2_sparkle.jpg

    Present perfection

    All we want for Christmas is a holly, jolly manicure. Show off your festive fingers at your next holiday party.


    1. Paint two coats of your fave holiday polish (Glitter, shimmer, or metallic is strongly suggested because we LOVE sparkle!).

    2. Wait for coats to dry.

    3. Apply a thin piece of striping tape vertically, from the edge of the nail downwards

    4. Apply another thin piece of striping tape, this time placing the tape horizontally, from the left edge of you nail, to the right edge of your nail. 

    5. Seal the design with a top coat.

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  • 3_treenails.jpg

    Tree trimmings

    Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree, you look even prettier on our nails.


    1. Start off by painting two coats of a light-colored polish (pale green would like sooo Christmas-cute).

    2. Cut two pieces of tape in thin strips.

    3. Once nails are dry, place the tape on nails in a triangle shape.

    4. Fill in the triangle with green sparkle polish.

    5. Wait until dry; then add two more coats.

    6. When nails are dry, peel off tape to reveal Christmas tree.

    7. Feel free to add gems and nail stickers to the tree as “ornaments” for your tree.

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by Melanie White | 2/1/2016