Easy, pretty holiday hairstyles: All you need are bobby pins


Looking for a simple, pretty way to do your hair this holiday? Just grab a few bobby pins and you’re set. (We know you’ve got about 8 at the bottom of your bag right this minute!) Spy some hairspo from our fave celebs and see the cinchy how-tos below.


  • 1_emma.jpg

    Go for classic

    The style keyword of the holiday season is “classic,” and hair is no exception. Emma Stone went with bouncy curls and a trail of white bobbies. To get Emma’s classic-chic hair, place bobby pins in tight, neat zigzags.

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  • 2_goldpin.jpg

    Triangle highlight

    Want to be a glam girl? Try out this style. This is so simple but can definitely transform a normal outfit into a gorgeous look. Hold small section of side hair and braid or twist. Then cross them in back and fix in place using pins in a triangle shape.

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  • 3_twist.jpg

    Girly twist

    In a rush? Try this surprisingly easy twist: All you need is one bobby pin. Twist a 2-inch section of hair and insert the bobby pin towards your face to hide it. Super cinchy!

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  • 4_braid.jpg

    Baby braid

    Dying for a braid even though you have short hair? Don’t worry—it’s totally doable with bobby pins. Braid your hair from side of your head and insert a bobby pin to fix any loose pieces.

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  • 5_princess.jpg

    Elegant princess style

    We’ve found maybe the glammest holiday hairstyle! This feminine hair is perfect with a sweetheart dress for your holiday party. Brush your hair until smooth and sweep hair over to one side. Put a fancy hair pin or bobby pins (if you want to hide them) in the back at the nape of your neck. That’s it! Use a bit of hair spray to fix them more securely.


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by Sooyoung Yoo | 2/1/2016