How to DIY your very own bath bombs


With the frigid temps settling in, it only seems right to de-stress from all your holiday hustle and bustle with a nice warm tub full of fizzy bath bombs. But, before you waste all your babysitting cash on bath products, try making your own! Heres how: 


  • 1_fetti.jpg


    This balm is sure to put a smile on any gal’s face. Gift it to a friend, or save it you’re your own pick-me-up.

    Smells like: Fresh linen

    Perfect for: Freshening up right before a night out

    Turns water: Sky blue (with rainbow sparkles, obvi)

    Get the how-to HERE.

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    Natural remedies

    This oatmeal-based balm will leave your skin feeling like a dream! It’s topped off with dried flowers, too—hello moisture!

    Smells like: Fresh lavender

    Perfect for: Clearing your head after a long day of school

    Turns water: Cloudy

    Get the how-to HERE.


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  • 3_peppermint.jpg

    Minty must-have

    Ok, we'll admit we are obsessed. These glittery cookie-cut-out inspired and mint infused bath bombs will leave your whole bod tingly, hydrated and fresh. Plus, they are so easy-to-do, too!   

    Smells like: Cool candy canes

    Perfect for: Getting refreshed before a big game

    Turns water: Pale pink

    Get the how-to HERE.  

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  • 4_detox.jpg

    Detox special

    With ingredients like seaweed, Epsom salt and ginger chips, you’re bound to feel brand new after bathing with this bomb.

    Smells like: Warm ginger

    Perfect for: Those days when you aren’t feeling well.

    Turns water: Greenish-brown

    Get the how-to HERE.


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  • 5_sherbert.jpg

    Candy crush

    We know what you’re thinking, but no it’s no ice cream! This bright bomb is everything you need to lift your spirits.

    Smells like: Yummy sherbet

    Perfect for: Treating yourself on your Bday

    Turns water: Orange

    Get the how-to HERE.  

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by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016