What's your polish personality? Find out what your mani says about you


Take a sec to look at your nail polish collection. Is it packed with pink? Bursting with blues? You may never have noticed, but your polish prefs actually reveal a lot about your personality. Check out our mani-scope to see what your go-to color says about you.


  • 1_marsala.png

    Mad for Marsala

    Can’t get any fiercer than this, trendy girl! You’re not afraid to express yourself and are always super ahead of the times. As a born leader, you know girls look up to you - and for good reason. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to go get it. Keep it up, chica. 

    Maybelline Color Show Dressed To Kill, $4,

  • 2_pink.png

    Pretty in Pink

    A blush pink mani means you're probs super sweet, flirty and fun. Talking to that guy you've been crushin' on is NBD, but you're also super down-to-earth and an awesome listener.

    Essie No Baggage Please, $8,

  • 3_teal.png

    Telltale Teal

    Don't be afraid to stand out, artista! Your mind is always bursting with awesome ideas. Your besties love when you help 'em out, whether it's with a DIY project or the set of the school play. Once you get those creative juices flowing, you can’t be stopped. 

    Essie Go Overboard, $8,

  • 4_purple.png

    Poppin' in Purple

    Purple polish means you're always down for an adventure - riding the highest roller coaster, doing a scary dare or even just going out of your way to switch things up. You love to explore and check out new hangout spots. anything to keep you on your (perfectly pedi-ed) toes!

    China Glaze Creative Fantasy, $5,

  • 5_glitter.png

    Glitter Girl

    You’re the on-the-go gal, always running to a meeting, a soccer game or a babysitting gig. But even though you're ultra-busy, you're always sure to look fierce from head to toe. First impressions are super important to you, and you love feeling flashy and glam. 

    Sally Hansen Glity Party, $7, 


by Crystal Williams | 2/1/2016