Get your mani ready for Independence Day with this cool nail art inspo

Next Tuesday is the Fourth of July, which means a lot of celebrating (along with some red, white and blue!). Whether you are spending time with family or going to watch the fireworks with your besties, we’ve found six stellar nail designs that will create a boom wherever you are going!

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    Pop of color

    How adorable are these nails? We love how this mani is patriotic with a girly touch. The red, white, and blue totally reminds us of the American flag but the heart and glitter keep the design cute. If you don't have the steadiest hand, make your own heart stencil with tape.

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    Funky flag

    The squiggly stripes on these nails add a lil movement that a typical flag designs lacks. Instead of stressing over making the stars on your mani look perfect, add small white dots to each nail. It'll have the same patriotic effect without you having to spend hours perfecting each star.

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    Glitter statement

    What better way that to celebrate the 4th than to wear American flags on your nails! The glitter breaks up the USA theme with some added flair that we love.  

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    Festive fireworks

    Create a boom with this adorable firework design. Using silver polish allows the red and blue to really pop against the white background. Just make sure to let each color to dry before adding another. You don't want the fireworks to smolder instead of explode!

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    Stars and stripes

    Not feeling like rocking flashy nails for the Fourth? Try this design instead. It still adds patriotic flair with the red and blue stripes but is understated enough to wear even after Independence Day has come and gone.

    Which of these designs will you rock on the Fourth? Tell us in the comments!

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by Carissa Hyland | 2/1/2016