The busy girl's guide to no-fuss hairstyles

In a perfect world, our mornings would consist of a leisurely 10 AM wakeup call followed by ample time to get our hair, beauty and makeup game on point. But let’s face it—most days, we're running out the door with a piece of toast jammed in our mouths, trying to flick out a perfect cat eye on the fly, and sweeping our hair into another boring ponytail. This year, ditch the doldrums and amp up your mane game with these effortless celeb-approved styles. They won't take any longer than your pony—we promise!
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    Braided Beauty

    Selena’s a pro at showing off her gorgeous locks while always keeping it flirty and fun. Opt for a quick ‘n messy side braid that totally gives off the “I woke up like this” vibe...without people knowing the true struggle bus you were riding this morning! (GL Tip: Fish braids are our personal faves for a mermaid-inspired splash of summer.)

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    She loves me knot

    A messy top knot screams cool AND classy.

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    Sky high pony

    For this Demi dazzler, all you have to do is gather your locks into a high pony, then wrap a small strand around your hairtie for a seamless look.

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    Best of both worlds

    Ariana steps up her look by sporting an adorable half-do. (GL Tip: This style is also perfect for girls with short hair who really want to hop on the top-knot trend, but are lacking the hair length to fully commit.)

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    Flash and burn

    Zendaya is the queen of all things cool, and her hair game is no exception. Add a modern twist to the classic pony by keeping it down low and sweeping it to the side. Leave some strands loose so you can create criss-cross designs, then finish it off by looping them around to cover your tie.

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    Street chic

    When in doubt, take a cue from Lucy and pop on a sassy fedora or casual b-ball cap to tame your styling required.

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by Rachel Dooley | 2/1/2016