Trend to try: Hair tapestries

Summer may be winding down, but festival hair is still majorly in style. That's why we're loving hair tapestries, a variation on old-school hair wraps. They're fun, funky and beautifully boho. And the best part? You can go as super-wild or as subtle as you want....and it's temporary. Check out our how-to below!

What you'll Need:

  • Hair extensions (You *can* do it on your own hair, but this is way easier!)
  • A tapestry loom or embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery thread in your desired colors
  • Needle
  • Hairspray or sea salt spray


1. Start off with the section of hair that you want to weave and mist it with hairspray or sea salt spray for grip.

2. Secure the hair on the loom.

3. Take the thread and double knot it to the first strand of hair.

4. Thread the needle.

5. Weave your hair exactly as if you are hand sewing a pillow (with the over and under method). Repeat the process, changing colors periodically to create different designs.

6. Flip your loom upside down and push the needle through the back of the hair tapestry to secure it. Then just snip the thread (be careful not to catch your hair!).

For more info and ideas, click HERE.

Would you ever try a hair tapestry? Let us know below!  

Photo credit: Instagram


by Emily Villiger | 2/1/2016