#WeTriedIt: GL-tested hacks to nail your look every time

Love nail art...but not the lackluster results when you try to DIY? Two of our interns, Maddie and Marin, took on some commonly Pinned looks and are sharing the ones you *don't* need an art degree to pull off. Check 'em out below. 

  • tape.jpg

    Diagonal Diva

    To master this look, paint your base coat with the darker color. Once dry (and we mean completely dry), take some Scotch Tape and lay the tape in a diagonal line (you can also use this trick to create a horizontal block). Paint the side without the tape, and voila! This is an easy hack to nail the straight line look every time.

  • saran.jpg

    Marbled Miss

    For this look, all you need is something crinkly, like a plastic bag or saran wrap. Paint a basecoat, and wait for it to dry. Then crumple up your plastic bag (we’re talking really crinkly) and paint it with another color. Make sure to not over-paint, as it will only work with a nice, thin layer. Dab your nails with the plastic bag or Saran wrap to get that gorgeous marbled look.

  • polka.jpg

    Polka-dot Princess

    Bobby pins are your secret weapon for creating perfect, enviable dots. Paint your nails the color of your choice, let it dry, then dip a bobby pin in an accent color and lightly press it on your nail. We love the single-dot look, but you do you.

  • ombre.jpg

    Gradient Gal

    On a makeup sponge, paint three stripes in order of darkness to lightness (or lightness to darkness, whichever you prefer). Simply dab the nail polish onto the nail until it's completely covered and wiggle slightly to blend, making sure not to totally overlap the colors. Clean off the edges and finish with a top coat.

  • glitter.jpg

    Glitter Goddess

    First things first (I’m the realest), paint your basecoat. Then, take some sparkly nail polish and put a small clump near the end of your nail. Move the glitter halfway up your nail with the brush to finish the look. 


by Marin Langlieb and Maddie Howard | 2/1/2016