This is *exactly* how you should do your makeup this Thanksgiving


If you're like us,  you'll be seeing a *lot* of friends and family around the Thanksgiving table this year. Put your best face forward with these fierce'n'festive looks—and fend off all of Aunt Mabel's Qs about why you're still single.

  • hanksgivingmakeup1.png

    Channel the falling leaves in brown, bronze and gold for an awesome autumn eye look.

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  • thnnksgivingmakeup2.png

    Go bold with black liquid liner and a hint of sparkly gold eyeliner or shadow for a look that's seriously luxe.

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  • thanksgivingmakeup2.png

    The perfect Thanskgiving lip? A beautiful berry or soft plum.

    Mac lipstick in smoked purple, $17, 

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    A darker shade of blush than you'd normally go for brings out your cheekbones and gives your face a happy holiday glow.

    Berry amore milani blush, $9,

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    Look seriously chic as you're passing the pie with berry, white and gold nail art.

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by Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson | 2/1/2016