Snuggle up with cute and cozy sweater nails


It's sweater weather! We've been wrapping ourselves up in cozy-cute selections all autumn, but a creative new nail trend is about to take the look to the next level. Cable-knit tips are the next it mani, and we gotta say—we're obsessed. Check out some of the most creative takes on the look below.

Image source: Elle

  • sweaternail1.png

    Bows and hearts make this look preppy perfect.

    Photo credit: jennails 

  • weaternail2.png

    Shake it up with sparkles of all kinds and other 3-D embellishment for a dazzling, dynamic look.

    Photo credit: lottieemoore 

  • sweaternail3.png

    Want to practice different designs? They're subtle enough that you can rock something different on each tip and still look cohesive.  

    Photo credit: nailkandykate 

  • sweaternail5.png

    Go subtle with nudes and pastels for a low-key look.

    Photo credit: maryapavlenko 

  • sn521.jpg
  • sn521.jpg


by Kiara Richmond and Kimberly Uslin | 2/1/2016