This merry mani is all you need for seriously festive fingertips


Why dream of a white Christmas when you can design your own? It's easier than you think, too—promise!

What you'll need:

Red nail polish

A white nail art pen

Silver glitter topcoat

What you'll do:

1. Paint your nails with two coats of red polish. Let dry.

2. Use your nail art pen to create the snowflake. We suggest drawing a straight line and then an X through the line, then adding the details on each branch of the flake. Let dry.

3. Top with silver glitter and prepare to answer Qs about who did your mani all night. (P.S. Feel free to brag a little!)

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What's your go-to seasonal mani? Are you into nail art? Let us know below!  


by Danielle Bryant | 2/1/2016