Spray-on nail polish is officially a thing


Some girls just aren't good at nails. It's a fact of life. But thanks to a crazy-cool new invention from Nails Inc., we can *all* become mani mavens.   

The company is launching a spray can nail polish that will be quick to apply, quick to dry and lasts up to four days. To use it, you just spray away and wipe off the excess with soap and water or a makeup wipe, and you're good to go. Amazing, right?

It only comes in two colors for now (silver and pink), but this is bound to be a hit—and we're sure there will be tons of options soon. The only bad news? They won't be launching in the US until spring 2016. But UK ladies, you're in luck—it's officially on sale and you can get it HERE.

What do you think? Would you try spray-on nail polish? What new makeup inventions are you dreaming of?


Photo credit: nails inc. 


by Danielle Bryant | 2/1/2016