Be the fairest of them all with a mirror manicure

Who needs a compact when you're rocking a mirror on your mani? We're obsessed with this cool, chic look—and it's minimal enough to wear on the daily.


There are two ways to get the look:

1.) With a shiny silver polish. Though you won't get *quite* the reflectiveness of the mirror manis in this article, you'll come pretty close...and it's a lot easier. We love this Essie shade and this Urban Outfitters lacquer.


2.) With a foil application kit.  Retailers (like this one on Amazon) sell specially designed foil kits for metallic manicures that include multiple thin foil sheets (like the reflective silver one pictured in the mirror manis) and a nail-safe adhesive. The sheets can be cut into any design (like French tips or a full mani) and applied using a toothpick and adhesive.


What do you think of mirror nails, GL girls? Let us know below!  

Photos credit: Catalina Stoica, Oneisha, Diana Kairo


by Lyra Dautaj | 3/1/2016