Amandla's bold blue lip is *gorg* and now you can wear it, too

This season is *all* about bold looks and taking risks when it comes to your beauty routine. Just look at Amandla Stenberg for proofthe actress rocked a royal blue lip on the MTV Movie & TV Awards just last Sunday and we are dying to try it ourselves. The key to looking more like Kylie and less like a circus clown? Keep the rest of your face simple and bare to, well, let your lips do the talking.

Bright eye shadows or using too much blush will compete with the lipstick. Focus on glowing skin, a sharp brow and full lashes–you can even add a swipe of eyeliner if you're really feeling yourself.

When picking a color for your lippy, look at your skin tone and hair. For darker complexions, colors like citrus orange or deep purple will produce a dramatic but warm look. As for paler complexions, hot pinks and blue hues will add a vibrant pop of color. 

While you're having a little fun with your makeup, why not do the same with your outfit? Match your lippy to your look or go the complete opposite route, making your pout the star of the show by sporting subtle neutrals.

Above all don't be afraid to experiment! Hunter green or mustard yellow may just be your wildcard color. Either way, this is the summer to find out.

What will be your go-to lip color this summer? Tell us below in the comments!

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Photo credit: Byrdie.


by Karlyn Sykes | 5/10/2017