6 Halloween looks that are easier to recreate than you think

The time to think about your Halloween costume is *now*. For the makeup novices out there or for those who will be pressed for time on the spooky day, fall back on these tried and true makeup looks that you can recreate no matter your skill level.

Melting ice cream cone
This look requires *very* little skill. You simply paint half of your face any pretty pastel you please and work in some shadows and highlights. Plus: It's doubtful that you'll show up to trick-or-treating or your pal's party matching with anyone! 

Darling deer
This is where your highlighter and contour kits come in handy! No need for expert blending here. The more color, the better.

Fierce lioness
Draw on a nose. Flick on a cat eye. Swipe on a lippe. And that's your look!

Barbie doll
Remember when Beyonce and Jay-Z dressed as Barbie and Ken last year? We're still not over it. With the intense eyeshadows and harsh lines, this OTT look is fairly easy for beginners to get the hang of. 

Comic book character
For our artsy girls, you've got to try this costume. Again, the harsh lines that mimic the comic book look are *super* easy to achieve. If you can draw a line and a dot, you can turn your face into this.

Day of the Dead sugar skull
Start with your usual makeup base, then build this look on top of it. Spoiler alert: anyone can rock (and apply) a red lip, and the eye detail doesn't have to be perfect. It's Halloween, after all!

What makeup look will you be trying out this Halloween? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest


by Bella Torres | 9/30/2017