Get a rainbow glow with these unicorn highlighters

Unicorns are one mystical creature we wish roamed the earth (sigh). But even though they don't exist, that doesn't mean we can't channel our inner fairytale. Check out these affordable rainbow highlighters that are giving us *ultimate* unicorn goals.

Triple Baked Rainbow Highlighter, $7
Makeup Revolution is known for their epic high end dupes and this one is no different. So much bang for your buck.

Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter, $6
Wet n Wild has stepped up its game in terms of product quality. It may be one of the cheapest brands at the drugstore, but it works wonders.

Master Fairy Highlight, $10
Maybelline's Master line has some of the blingiest highlights at the drugstore so snatch these up quick.

Rainbow Highlighter, $10
Ulta brand is a great in-between high end and drugstore products. Next time you're in the store, snag this swatch.

What do you think of these wild highlights? Would you rock this look? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Maybelline, Ulta, Wet n Wild, Pinterest.


by Bella Torres | 9/27/2017