7 ways to embrace your natural curls

Growing up with curly hair is an endless nightmare of frizz, triangle head, the fear of bad hair days, and kids behind you in class asking you to move your head because your hair is too big. Everyone says they’re jealous, but only you know the struggle of having naturally curly hair. Get some amazing tips and tricks on how to embrace your wild mane.

Work with your hair, not against it.
Trying to flatten your curls is the opposite of what you should be doing. Make sure you spend time experimenting on different ways to style your hair, so you find what works for you. Plus, when you work with what your mama gave you, your hair will properly react and you’ll end up not dealing with all the extra probs.

Talk to your hairdresser.
The key to awesome curly hair, is a killer haircut. Make sure your salon has done special training on curly cuts otherwise you may end up with a butchered cut. Ask questions! It’s your hair, so make sure you’re getting the proper treatment.

If you’ve been getting the same blunt cut haircut since you were five, it’s time to switch it up. Dora the Explorer hair is no good for anyone. Try out lots of layers which allow the curls to lay nicer for a fuller all over curl.

Do *not* wash your hair every day.
One thing that’s a need-to-know about your hair is that it’s super dry and dirty hair is better to style. Unless you really need to get rid dirt and grease don't shampoo, but make sure you’re conditioning so you can comb through your hair.

Comb and don’t brush.
Using a brush, especially on curly hair, leads to separated and frizzy curls. After your shower, try using your fingers or wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.

Find the right product.
Lots of curly-haired gals use a gel to keep their curl, but gel tends to leave curls crunchy. Nix the gel and try a curl defining cream or a pomade to leave your curls feeling soft and flexible.

Find the best way to dry your hair.
The way your curls finish depends on how you let it dry. If air drying your hair doesn't work for you, try a hair dryer. Be sure to put a diffuser on the end. For the best results put your head down and dry from the roots to the tip.

How do you tame your unruly mane? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Bella Torres | 10/24/2017