Gift Guide: For the girl who loves makeup

We all have that one friendthe one who spends *all* of her free time binge-watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, who never leaves the house without a full face and who basically lives in Sephora. So what do you get the future beauty guru for Christmas? Or, if that girl is you (no shame!), what should you be putting on *your* wishlist?

Start with one (or all, TBH) of these glam gift sets from L.A. Colors. Not only are they super chic, they're also v. affordable (you can find them at Walgreens), aka perfect for babes on a budget.  


Smokey Eye Set, $10
Consider this your smokey eye survival kitit contains *everything* you need for a sultry smize (minus the sass, of course, that's all you). Besides the essentials (aka shadow, eyeliner and mascara), you also get blush and lippie to complete your fierce face.  

Matte Lipstick Set, $6
Nothing finishes off your holiday OOTD quite like a bold berry lip. Which is exactly what you'll get with these lovely lippies in three matte hues. Plus, they're mega moisturizing to protect your pout when the temps drop. 

FYX Color Corrector Set, $6
See ya, dark spots and redness. This skin-saving set has five colors that will correct *any* complexion concern, including a white shade for the haute highlight every girl dreams of. The result? #Flawless.

Nail Dryer Manicure Set, $10
Skip the salon and make your mani majorly magical at home with this complete kit. Pick a polish (and some stickers to match), use the tray for adding glitter, then finish your fingers by placing them in the mini dryer. Netflix and nails, anyone? 

Color Punch Chunky Lip Pencil Set, $6
Lip pencils are definitely having a moment RN. Hydrating *and* super easy to apply on the go, these pretty pencils are the perfect party PIC to toss in your bag for a long-lasting lip.  

Which of these makeup sets is your fave? Vote in the comments! 

Photo credit: Pinterest.


by Amanda Tarlton | 12/7/2017