These TV-inspired nail looks are *totally* swoon-worthy

Tired of doing a basic nail polish look? We've been there, babe. We've also been binge-watching way too many of our favorite shows, which gave us an idea. Why not rep your watch list on your fingertips? Presenting the most *creative* tv-inspired nail art from around the web. If you've got the skills, feel free to try one of these tutorials—or just admire them on your screen until printable nail art is a thing.

Gilmore Girls


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With playful polka-dots and a small shoutout to Luke's diner, this nail look transports us to springtime in Stars Hollow.

Avatar: The Last Airbender


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We can't get over the details in this handcrafted look. The characters! The bending symbols! We're sure the A:TLA creators would approve.

The Simpsons


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Embrace your inner cartoon character with this deceptively simple look. We love how they subtly incorporate Marge's hair color across the nails.

Spongebob Squarepants

These nails shine with their crazy-realistic depiction of our fave sea creatures. The sparkly striped nails add the perfect amount of glam to this playful look.


You can almost hear the theme song playing in the distance as you admire this iconic nail look. It's perfect for a throwback Thursday ensemble (or to complete a Halloween costume).

Lizzie McGuire


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Speaking of throwbacks, this Disney Channel hit from the '00s gives us all the nostalgia. We love the incorporation of recognizable peace symbols and flowers alongside cartoon Lizzie.



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The Archie adaptation keeps us guessing each week, but there's no question about the fabulousness of these nails. Well, maybe one: where can we get them?

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/5/2020