We tried a *virtual* makeup class and here's how it went

Since coronavirus2020 has given us the age of Zoom math classes, study-from-home #OOTDs and TikToks galore, it seems only reasonable that we have virtual makeup classes, too (like, come on, we need a win pls!).

That's right babes, we've found you a *new* obsession. Blushington Makeup is giving us *all* the makeup inspo with their Virtual Beauty Bootcamp (swoon). So whether you're passing your time at home by becoming the next beauty guru or you've been so makeup-free that you low-key forgot how to draw a *killer* cat-eye, this bootcamp is for you.

The best part? Blushington's classes are all taught with the philosophy that beauty is about how you feel, not how you look. It's about feeling beautiful inside *and* out and we are here for it, ofc!

Blushington's Beauty Bootcamp is in session Aug. 5, 10, 12, 17 and 19, 2020. You'll learn everything from using makeup tools to complimenting your natural structure and the ins and outs of accentuating *every* facial feature.

We talked with Brittany Scott, the director of education at Blushington and a total *queen* at teaching makeup classes—all while developing beautiful makeup creations—and she's got some hot tips to share.


Turns out, the best-kept secret to a *perf* face of makeup comes before you even start applying that foundation! "Learning how to take care of your skin is the most important part of makeup," says Brittany.

That's right, regularly using moisturizer and primer before you start in on your makeup makes a huge difference for all-day wear, keeping you dewy and glowing from first period to your after-school study sesh. The routine also keeps your skin in tip-top shape in the long run.


When it comes to your brows and helping them stand out, using a brow gel is your best bet. Brittany suggests brow gel to keep your brows in place and following with a brow pencil for a full, bold look.

Try making sure you can still see skin under the brow pencil for a more natural look. Natural brows are the best brows (oh, and great brows pair *perfectly* with your face mask lewks). 


Brittany's lip plumping secret? Skip the middle of your lips when applying your lip liner. By leaving the center of your mouth unlined, you create the effect of the full and plump lips Kylie Jenner dreams of.

You can learn more for yourself with one of Blushington's Beauty Bootcamps by signing up HERE! You can use your own makeup bag or use Blushington's 20% off discount in their super-cute curated makeup store.


by Erin Sargent and Mara Greenberg | 8/4/2020