A step-by-step on how to apply fake lashes (it's easy, trust)

Big lashes go with ✨everything✨
Intimidated by fake lashes? Not anymore. Here's your no-nonsense step-by-step.

Line your eye

Give yourself a guide for where to apply the strip of lashes by lining your upper lash line first. Use pencil liner for a softer look (we love Pixi Lash Line Ink, $14) or a liquid liner for a more dramatic vibe.

Curl your lashes

Give your real fringe a little oomph by curling lashes then applying a coat of mascara (they'll blend better with the faux lashes). We recommend using a natural looking, fluttery lash like LA Colors 3D Faux Mink Lashes in Tristan, $4.

Apply the glue

Make sure the lashes fit your lid (cut them from the inside if they're too long) then apply a thin line of glue (try Huda Beauty Sticky Tack Lash Glue, $14) to the strip. Wait 30 seconds until the glue is tacky. Pro tip: Apply a little extra to the corners to make sure they stick down.

Place your lash

Using a lash applicator (we like Sephora Collection Bulls Eye Lash Applicator, $12), line up the lash strip to the glue, place it down and press in the center first—then the ends. Use the applicator to lightly attach your natural lashes to the falsies for max hold. Wink!

You got this, bb.

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by Erin Reimel | 12/12/2020