These TikTok-famous bandages apparently shrink zits overnight

Shrinking zits overnight seems too good to be true. No matter how many layers of skincare products you pile on, pesky pimples often won't budge. So when we saw this miraculous acne cure making the rounds on TikTok, of course we had to investigate.


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Hydrocolloid bandages are typically used to protect wounds. These gel-filled coverings absorb fluids and oils that interfere with the body's natural healing process. For this reason, they're best for swollen, angry zits, because they draw out bacteria and bring everything to the surface. Plus, they prevent you from picking at the spots.

But are hydrocolloid patches safe to use? Thankfully, Dr. Tony Youn, a holistic plastic surgeon, shared his thoughts via TikTok. According to him, the bandages are perfectly safe and very effective. He states that because they create occlusion and absorb moisture, they can help reduce inflammation in just a few hours.


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Ever used a pimple patch—one of those little, round sticky things you put over a zit? Turns out they're just mini versions of hydrocolloid bandages, and they're often infused with extra acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid. Some of them can even be covered up with makeup! For this reason, pimple patches are great for smaller spots.

However, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to skip out on these types of bandages altogether. Peeling them off can cause pain and redness. And if you have allergies, stay far away from any Band-Aids (including hydrocolloid ones) that may contain irritating adhesives or latex.


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While you can't expect hydrocolloid bandages to banish your acne once and for all (best to talk to your dermatologist about that), they can be an effective treatment for the occasional zit. Catch us running to our local drug store to stock up on these bad boys!

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by Kathleen O'Neill | 1/19/2021