The *best* hair mask to heal and hydrate your locks

image: @mauimoisture

Our new obsession? Hair masks, ofc! These luxurious babies are the perfect companion to your hair routine. Not only do they pamper and smell ~amazing~, but each of these can also be a big-time strand-saver. Whether you're rocking curls or aching for a lil' extra hydration, we've got your hair-healer on lock.

For *all* the curls

Picture this: Dessert, but for your hair. Hear us out—Natural Club's Hydrating Ice Cream Deep Conditioner is the sweet treat your curls have been craving.

Natural Club Hydrating Ice Cream Treatment Deep Conditioner, $14

Its combo of avocado and kiwi (fatty acids and vitamins C and E galore) makes this mask extra-nourishing. You even store this bad boy in the freezer with the rest of your desserts.

Frizz fixer

Are those flyaways really starting to drive you up the wall? Try Amika's The Kure Intense Repair Hair Mask to cure your mane's flyaway-fever.

Amika: The Kure Intense Repair, $38

This mask is for *any* hair type, and its combination of shea butter, starflower seeds and omega-6 fatty acids work together to deep-treat your dry locks, leaving you with soft and shiny hair.

Hello hydration

Maybe you love to take a straightener to your strands or maybe you live in a wayyy dry environment; Either way, you know your mane could kill for a lil' hydration. Nothing Maui Moitsure's Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter mask can't fix.

Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter, $9

This mighty mask quenches any hair thirst and banish split ends with a combo of aloe vera and coconut oil. And it doesn't hurt that it smells like an island getaway for your strands.

Color companion

So you've *finally* perfected the hair color you've been dreaming about—now you just need to make sure you're protecting it. The best path to follow is an all-natural one, and we recommend Wella's Elements Reconstructing Mask.

Elements Reconstructing Mask, $22

This paraben-free mask is full of B5 vitamins that help to intensely re-hydrate hair while protecting color treatments.

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by Erin Sargent | 1/28/2021