The *best* products for your face + bod with all-natural ingredients

Skincare is all the rage lately—brands have been popping off and coming out with new serums, deodorants and eye creams left and right. However, just because a product is packaged all pretty doesn't mean the formula is good and healthy for your face n' bod. 

Here is a round-up of products with *superb* all-natural ingredients that'll work wonders for you and your skin:

Korres foaming cream cleanser

The greek superfood in this cleanser feeds our skin collagen boosting protein, balancing pre and probiotics and nourishing vitamins. Ulta, $26

Lavanila the healthy deodorant sport luxe 

This award-winning, high performance, aluminum-free deodorant is everything a girl could want and *more* in a deodorant. Ulta, $14

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Lavanila the healthy body butter

The powerful blend of skin-saving botanicals promotes faster absorption of body beneficial vitamins and immediate hydration. Lavanila, $15

This Hyram-approved superfood cleanser is the definition of an all-natural product that your skin is just dying to have. Sephora, $36

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Say goodbye to artificial bath bombs and hello to organic coconut milk. Bathing in this all-natural bath powder will leave your skin as soft and hydrated as can be! Herbivore, $18

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by Hayley Miller | 2/26/2021