A guide to making your brows look good on your own

Makeup can be a fun way to express yourself and gain confidence, and part of that is having your eyebrows on fleek! From shaping tips to the best products on the market, we've got you covered with a go-to guide on *all* things brows.

Here are 3 easy rules to follow when applying makeup to your eyebrows.

Don't try to make your brows look like somebody else's

No two sets of eyebrows are going to be exactly identical, and that's what's so amazing about eyebrows. We have the ability to style them in ways that complement their natural shape. Some people have thick, rectangular brows and prefer to just use some clear gel, while others have thinner, more rounded brows and prefer to fill them in with a pencil. It's all about trial and error and figuring out what works best for you. 

Follow your natural brow shape

If you're interested in using a brow pencil or brow powder to outline the shape of your brows always make sure to follow the *real* shape of them—kind of like staying inside the lines of a coloring book picture. Never try to make them look bigger or wider than they actually are, because the whole point of using a brow pencil or powder Is to make your brows *pop*, not to redraw them or give them a new shape. 

Pick products that match your natural brow color

It's *so* important that the products you pick for your brows match your natural color. Wearing a shade that is too light or too dark might draw the wrong kind of attention. Most brow products come in dozens of colors, so it might take you a while to find your perfect match. Try a few different shades and see what makes you feel the most confident! 

Must-try products 

Beauty companies have launched tons of different products for your eyebrows over the years, and it can be a little overwhelming trying to decipher the differences between them all. Here are three of our favorite types of products to help guide your search.

Eyebrow wax 

Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook highly recommends using brow wax.

She says, "This is the most magical ingredient in getting your brows to look awesome." Tati applies brow wax before any other eyebrow product. "I will groom them by running the brow wax pencil through my entire brow. This is just going to help those hairs to lay flat and to be in the same direction. The biggest reason that I like doing this is that it helps my eyebrow pencil to work better. It gives a nice texture for the powder or pencil you're using to grip onto, and then you don't have to apply any brow gel!"


Ulta, $2

Eyebrow pencil 

A pencil product is perfect to add color or fill in sparse brows. They are super easy to use and store. To apply, use short and quick strokes to add pigment across your eyebrows. The thin pencil provides a beautifully defined shape that will last all day! There are *tons* of brow pencils out there, so experiment until you find the one that works best for you. We are obsessed with Benefit's Precisely, My Brow.

Sephora, $14

Eyebrow powder 

Brow powder looks very similar to eyeshadow (pro tip: if you have a shade of eyeshadow that matches your brows, you can use that) and is great if you want to fill in your brows, but don't need to define the shape much. It's best to use an angled liner brush or a brow/lash brush to apply the powder.  

Ulta, $23

Remember that the most important reason for wearing makeup is to make you feel like your best self! Have fun with it, and don't worry too much about your brows *always* turning out perfect. 

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by Lexi Casazza and Hayley Miller | 4/7/2021