You *have* to try this revolutionary spring and summer mani idea

With the warmer weather comes cuter outfits, but what if you're just not feeling the nail vibe rn? Your DIY mani always looks cute for less than a day, and the salon's nails last but seriously hurt your wallet. While you're switching out your parkas for jean jackets and winter sweaters for spring florals, consider switching your basic nail look for a easy-to-use, quick gel mani by Nailboo.

Nailboo is a new cult-favorite nail brand that'll give you super easy salon-quality nails, without you having to even head out of your house (or change out of your sweats). The brand uses dip powder to make long lasting, colorful nail looks at a fraction of the cost. Their three-piece kit give you up to *thirty* sets per jar, and with each set lasting 3-6 weeks, that's over a year of perfect nails. 

And even better, they're cruelty-free, vegan, *and* dry without using a UV/LED lamp. What's not to love? And if you're stumped on what nail art to do with your new mani kit, check out our go-to list HERE.

Slider image: @nailboo | Top image: @nailboo | Green nails: @nailboo |All GIFs via GIPtHY


by Serena Sherwood | 4/15/2021