4 products you need to beat the heat this summer

Good news—summer is just around the corner, which means bonfire BBQs and lazy Saturdays by the pool. But the bad news? Higher temps = sweatier stiches. If you're looking for creative ways to beat the heat this szn and keep your cool (literally), you've come to the right place. We found four products that *actually work* against sweat, so you can be your easy breezy self all. summer. long.

Nakery Beauty, $15

Nakery Beauty Magic Wand
You've been curating your summer closet since January, but underboob sweat *might* be putting a damper on the fabulous fits you're planning. Our solution? Nakery Beauty's Embrace the Ladies Magic Wand. Its formula is designed to wick moisture away from your bra while simultaneously moisturizing your skin. Swipe 2-3 times and, poof! Just like magic, sweat is a thing of the past. 

Lavanila, $13

Lavanila Deodorant
Headed down to the field to work on your corner kick before tryouts? Hitting up that new hiking trail with your crew? Whatever the outdoor adventure, Lavanila's aluminum-free deodorant is a *must* for your sports bag. We heart its clean formula (hello, it's vegan) and can't get enough of the fresh scent. Plus, its ingredients are athlete-approved, so you can play on without worrying about pit stains. 

Hot Girls Pearls, $50

Hot Girls Pearls Cooling Bracelets
These chicklet bracelets from Hot Girls Pearls are srsly mind-blowing. Filled with non-toxic cooling gel, each bracelet gives you up to thirty minutes of icy refreshment, so you can actually enjoy sitting in the stands at your bro's next baseball game. Allow your bracelet to cool in the freezer beforehand, and you're looking at one cool afternoon.

MyKirei Peony Lotion
Winter gets a bad rep for being especially harsh on skin—but did you know that it's equally important to moisturize in the summer? Harsh heat can damage skin barriers, so we recommend finding a lightweight lotion feels good on your skin. MyKirei's signature Milky Peony body lotion is bursting with sweet scent, *and* its eco-friendly formula works for all skin types. Did you just meet your new BFF in body lotion? Yes, yes you did. 

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by GL | 5/26/2022