The beginner's guide to getting a smooth shave

We hear you: Picking up a razor for the first time can be, well, kinda daunting (Nicks! Redness! Ingrown hairs! Oh my!). We've got the secrets to no-stress hair removal—and the perfect products to upgrade your GRWM routine.

Step 1: Prep

Self-care shower, right this way: Shave toward the end of your sudsy sesh so your hair has time to soften. And before you reach for your blade, exfoliate with a gentle scrub (or DIY a recipe with sugar + coconut oil) to remove dead skin cells.

Step 2: Shave

Deciding between shave cream or gel? How about neither! Instead, lather up with Brazilian Bare Fresh Watermelon Extra Gentle Shave Syrup ($13). Perfect for sensitive-skin sweeties, the fruity formula provides high-key hydration while eliminating bumps and ingrown hairs.

Then, use a multi-blade razor and light, upward strokes to remove hair (applying too much pressure = cuts and irritation, no thanks). Pro tip: Rinse your razor after every few passes to keep it clean.

Step 3: Nourish

Towel off, then replenish with Brazilian Bare Post-Shave Melted Body Butter Moisturizer ($13). Formulated with essential oils, the sulfate- and paraben-free lotion leaves skin healthy and hydrated (plus the scent is literally amazing).

Hitting the gym later? Brazilian Bare Post-Shave Body Powder ($10) is made from pharmaceutical-grade cornstarch and protects just-shaved skin from chafing and irritation while fighting odor and wetness. Score!

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by GL | 7/18/2022