You need to try these Midnights-inspired nail looks

Taylor Swift's Midnights is influencing every area of our lives rn, for good reason. There's a song for *every* mood, time of day and scenario. Want to rep Midnights without having to spend hours scouring the web for the perfect embroidered crew? Consider a Midgnights-inspired manicure. We found five must-have manis that give off all the vibey aesthetics of the album.

1. "Midnight Rain" 


A no-fail way to give off Midnights vibes is to look like the actual midnight sky. Find a deep or navy blue with sparkles in it, or add a sparkly top coat.

2. Midnights Mayhem


While we're very glad that Midnights is finally out, nothing beat the thrill of seeing that Taylor had just posted a new installment of "Midnights Mayhem with Me" to her TikTok. Immortalize the 70's retro aesthetic of the M.M.w.M backdrop with some stripey, muted nails. 

3. "Maroon"


We're pretty sure it would be a crime *not* to include a maroon manicure on this list. Plus, the red shade is perfect for the holiday szn.

4. "Bejeweled"


If you're ready to make the whole place shimmer, you'll need some bejeweled nails to help you do it. Subtly sparkle with a metallic silver polish or glue on some rhinestones for an undeniable shine. 

5.  The Eras


t swift manicure 💅

♬ updated album sound - #1 Midnight Rain Fan 🕰️

Nail polish inspired by Taylor's eras was popular on TikTok before the tour was even announced, but now they're more trendy than ever. You'll need turquoise for Taylor Swift, gold/yellow for Fearless, purple for Speak Now, red for Red, lavender for 1989, black for Reputation, pink for Lover, gray for folklore, brown/tan for evermore and navy for Midnights.

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by Riley Yates | 11/10/2022