HOW TO: Get The Perfect Party Pouf!


Vamp up your best accessory! With the holiday season approaching a girl's got to look her best. Check out our tips to tame your mane and achieve gorgeous holiday hair. You'll be sure to steal the spotlight with these stunning styles!


Pump It Up: Limp hair contains too much moisture, so volumize the roots. "You want a product that swells the hair cuticle while keeping it moisturized," explains Cunningham. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray ($25, has silk fibers that lay on the hair cuticle, making it thicker. Mousse is also great because it's light and has a fine texture--we like Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam ($5, professional salons). Stay away from gel--it's too heavy.

Using a boar bristle round brush (Marilyn Hairbrushes NinYos Collection, starting at $9.75,, blow-dry hair upside down, in the same direction as the hair shaft. While hair is still a bit damp, set on medium-to-large Velcro rollers (try Jet Set EZ Grip Curlers by Olivia Garden, $4 per pack, beauty supply stores). Use a dryer and diffuser to heat up curlers. Once dry, remove curlers and touch up ends with a curling iron. For even more fullness, try back-combing around the crown: Hold a section of hair away from your head, and use a comb to gently push hair down, from end to root. Incredible lift!


Silky Smooth: Begin by applying an anti-frizz product (Neutrogena Triple Moisture Smooth Shine Anti-Frizz Cream, $7, drugstores) to damp hair. Clip sections of hair away, and blow-dry one section at a time. Starting at roots, use a boar-bristle paddle brush (Olivia Garden Supreme Brush, $15, Trade Secret) to smooth down waves. Dry each section in a downward motion. Rogers explains, "The nozzle should be pointed down, following the brush, to avoid frizz." Make sure hair is bone-dry before moving on to another section. Once done, add invisible control with gloss polish, pomade or wax (these products also add shine and tame flyaways). Put a dab on hands and pull hair back as if making a ponytail. "It absorbs nicely and doesn't weigh down hair," says Rogers.

In a pinch? You can also use an ionic ceramic hair straightener (FHI Heat Technique, starting at $90) to finish your look. Just be sure to protect your hair from the intense heat by applying a protective spray designed for blowdrying (we like Nexxus Heat Protexx, $14, drugstores).

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Curly-Q: "A perfect curl begins at the root," explains Tim Rogers, editorial stylist, Charles Worthington London. Shampoo and condition hair with curl-friendly products (Suave Professionals Healthy Curls Shampoo and Conditioner, $2.50 each, drugstores). Use a microfiber towel or even a T-shirt to dry hair (terry cloth towels can frizz hair--who knew?). Before blow-drying, work in a wave-enhancing product--one GL editor swears by Pantene Curl Shaper Anti-Frizz Creme ($8, drugstores).

"Tip head to one side, and gently lift hairdryer up and down into hair," suggests Jarrod Harms, senior manager, Graham Webb. Once hair is dry, lean forward and gently massage roots to break up the curl. Finish with a styling cream (VO5 Smoothing Soufflé Frizz Defense Creme, $4, drugstores) to prevent curls from going fluffy. And don't shampoo every day. "Washing hair two to three times a week will keep waves looking their best and keeps frizz at bay," advise experts Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber.

by Kara Depaola | 2/1/2016