How To: Dress like Brittany from Glee

She may not be the sharpest pencil in the box, but since ditching the Cheerios, Brittany has established herself as a trendsetter at McKinley High. GL’s got the deets on how to achieve this Fondue for Two host’s signature style.

Cropped Graphic Tees
Brittany is all about cropped, loose tees that can be layered with tanks or worn with suspenders. Go for a trendy graphic tee or stripped top with colors you can bring out easily.

Upson Downes by William Anzevino Bike Tee, $40,

Perhaps a cue from then-boyfriend Artie, Brittany’s embrace of the guy accessory is all chic. Wear with shorts and a loose tee and don’t be afraid to go for black or bold colors.
Black Skinny Suspenders, $8,

Shorts give Brittany a chance to pull her outfit together. With a black and white ensemble, opt for a bright color to give your outfit a burst of color — it’s so trendy and so Brittany.

3” chino shorts (in Modern Red), $43,

Floppy hats are a signature piece in Brittany’s wardrobe. Wear with hair down and curled, and you’ve got Brit’s look down.

Staring at Stars Canvas Floppy Hat, $29,


by Alyssa Bailey | 2/1/2016
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