GL's 2012 A-Z Guide to Style

A new year means new fashion, and 2012’s got plenty in store for you! If you’re wondering what’s going to be hot this year, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to shop, girlies, because here are the style essentials you’ll want to add to your closet.

A is for anoraks: Anoraks will soon be your go-to jacket when the weather is between winter and spring. Like the trench coat, these define your shape and are perfect for when you run into unexpected rain. Cute and functional? We’ll take ’em!
B is for birds: As our feathered friends make their way back North this spring, you’ll be seeing them on your fave clothes too. The bird print was spotted on the runways on dresses, skirts and accessories, so you’ll have plenty of ways to rock this trend. Tweet tweet!
C is for crop tops: Instead of layering your tank tops with cardigans, try a crop top for a fresh look. A shorter hemline changes up your basic T-shirt, and the lighter layers will be a breath of fresh air! Bonus: crop tops make fab bathing suit cover-ups when summer rolls around.

D is for digital print: If you’re the type of girl who could play with Photoshop for hours, then digital prints were made for you. Expect to see clothes that are literally picture-perfect with pixilated images and bold graphics. Pair with simpler basics for a futuristic look that’s totally down-to-earth.
E is for electric color: 2012 is all about crazy colors, so show your style in the hottest hues. Currently, we are beyond obsessing over hip saturated rainbow tints ranging from lime to hot pink.
F is for fifties-style skirts: Maxi skirts were good for 2011, but with spring on the horizon, it’s time to update with a skirt full of fun! These poufy skirts are totally adorable–and will help give ya the perfect hourglass shape.

G is for girly: Make all of your outfits cute with sweet feminine items no girl could say no to! Try adding a pink hair bow or lacey choker to your fave outfit—instantly adorable.
H is for hair frills: Bad hair day? Hello, hair accessories. Feathery hair bands, bejeweled elastics and floral clips are a must-have when it comes to tress style this year.

I is for ice white: You probably already have your go-to LBD, but don’t forget to put some classic white pieces into your wardrobe. For a clean and crisp look, add creamy white to an otherwise dark outfit. It’ll give you just the pop you need.

J is for Jazz Age: Retro is always in, and this season it’s all about the roaring ‘20s. Fringe accents, drop-waist dresses and classic accessories will be your go-to looks. To avoid looking costumey, just wear one ‘20s-inspired piece at a time, like a cloche hat for a night out or a string of pearls to accessorize your fave tee.

K is for Katy Perry: Every girl needs a fashion icon, and Katy’s over-the-top cute look is gonna be big for 2012. Achieve Katy’s sweet style with high waisted denim skirts, light pink crop tops and jeweled hair bands. Last Friday night never looked so good!
L is for layers: We might still have to bundle up for a while, but you’re gonna need some lighter layering pieces soon! Play with textures and fabrics, like by putting a pretty chiffon dress on top of a cotton tee for day. And for those days when you can’t decide between shorts or pants (even though they seem so far away!), you can’t beat a pair of knee-high socks!
M is for military jacket: Take a fashion risk, girls! A roughed-up military jacket is the perf way to edge up a pair of jeans and a tee. Add cool boots.
N is for nostalgic T-shirts: Blast from the past anyone? Raid vintage shops for old concert tees and graphic tanks, and pair them with literally everything.

O is for oxford shirt: Boy meets girl never looked so chic! Oxford shirts add a perfectly preppy touch to an outfit and look so hot with washed out jeans and a cute leather clutch! Loves it.
P is for prim: We’re talking Peter Pan collared blouses, pleated skirts and ankle socks. Yep, this season is taking a spin towards priss-ville. The polished look is popular, finally. Phew!
Q is for queenly: Adding royal accents to your outfits is the epitome of elegance! How do you nab the queenly vibe? Golds, violets and navys are the ultimate majestic hues to stick to if ya wanna look like royalty (and straight off the runway).
R is for rings: Match your rings to your mani! We recommend invading your mom’s jewelry box for unique pieces that make a statement! Big baubles work well with brights, while smaller sentimental rings rock with pastels and nudes.

S is for sporty: Athletic chicas, rejoice, because the sporty look is gonna be hot this year. Get inspired by the playing field with pieces like windbreakers, tennis skirts and running shorts in bright colors. This is a look to have fun with: don’t be afraid to add girly accessories for a contrasting style.

T is for tangerine: One of our fave fruits is now our go-to color. All shades of orange were seen on the runways, but the more muted tangerine shade looks good on lots of skin colors. Find the hue you love and rock it this spring for a bold look.

U is for under the sea: There’s nothing fishy about the mermaid-inspired fashion that’s gonna be super trendy in the warmer months. Be sure to add a few metallic pieces, pale colors and scaly textures to your closet. Even if you can’t live in the ocean, at least you can look like it!
V is for vibrant prints: Some of the coolest prints will seem like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope. Expect to see swirls of color and geometric shapes that you can rock on anything from tees to skirts.

W is for wide-leg pants: Give your fave skinnies a break with an airy pair of wide-leg pants. This trend is cool for jeans, but we especially love wide-legs in lighter fabrics. Wear ’em in an unexpected bright color or pattern with a pair of platforms for an edgy look.

X is for x-ray style: Clothes you can see through are fab layering pieces that you can easily add to your wardrobe. A sheer top brings a plain tank from day to night. If you’re feeling daring, layer a sheer long skirt over a mini. The only rule when going sheer is to wear something underneath!
Y is for yellow and black: This color combo can look totally cute together, but the key is to pair them without looking like a bumblebee! Play with texture, like a yellow top with black lace. Yellow and black patterns look cool, too, just avoid stripes!
Z is for zzzzzs: The most surprising thing on the runways during fashion week? Pajamas! Lots of designers created bedtime-inspired looks that were appropriate for daytime. It can be a tricky look to pull off, but try a silk button-up shirt or patterned pants for a cute and comfortable style!

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by Rachel Nugent and Annie Robinson | 2/1/2016