Ed. Obsession Under $20: Spring scarves

If there’s one element of my closet I can’t part with when I’m storing stuff for the changing seasons, it’s my scarf collection. I’ve got a whole range—everything from grey and black wooly collars I knit myself to summer-weight stripey numbers in pastel hues. They’re the perfect thing to switch up your everyday look—whether you tie a bow around your neck or rock the triangle fold, there’s nothing more versatile. (Psst: Check out four awesome ways to tie a scarf, here.)

‘Cause I love them so much, I usually have a scarf on my person or in my bag at all times, (yep, even when it’s 85 and sunny) and I’ll usually buy a new one each season. Topping my list right now? The AEO Ikat Loop Scarf from It’s breezy and casual yet cheery, and will make even a plain white tee look that much cooler.


AEO Ikat Loop Scarf, $20,


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by Jessica D'Argenio Waller | 2/1/2016