5 genius ways to wake up your winter wardrobe

When you have exhausted every sweater combo your closet allows, and you’ve tied the entire plethora of your scarves in every twisted knot known to man, it is easy to get stuck in the winter wardrobe blues. But wait! Before you go pulling that raggedy old sweatshirt over your head for the second (okay, fifth) day in a row, check out these ideas that’ll help ya get that fashionista sparkle back in your eye.

  • 1red.jpg

    1. Buck up to bold colors

    When the landscape is carrying what seems like a deeper tinge of gray every time we look out at the bare tee limbs, it seems almost natural to blend right on in with what we see. Instead, try picking one vibrant hue (like red) that’ll give your otherwise neutral get-up an awesome pop of color. Add this color in with some accessories, or make it a statement piece like an awesome cardi.


    Mossimo Women's Shawl Collar Pullover Sweater, $21,

    Star Scarf, $9,

    Filigree & Floral Bangles, $8,

    Textured Dot Crossbody, $20,

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    2. Sneak in some florals

    Nothing says warm weather like cute floral pieces. Usually, we find ourselves holding off on these items until we can at least imagine the sound of spring birds chirping, but special times call for special measures. Tie a pretty floral scarf around an otherwise repetitive tee and jacket combo for instant added warmth. Floral bag? Extra cute! Or make it a statement with an adorable floral tee.


    Jacket, $50,

    Floral Horse Vintage Thermal Raglan, $42,

    Mossimo Oversized Floral Scarf, $15,

    Max C Two Tone Floral Satchel Bag, $35, 

    Floral Lace Inset Top, $15,

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    3. Steal some summer spirit

    Be a little daring and try layering a pair of shorts over leggings. It can give you an edgy vibe and keep those poor sun-starved legs warm. Play around with color or just stick with traditional black until ya get the hang of this look.


    AE Lace Pocket Denim Shortie, $45,

    Leggings, $10,

    Bow Print Peter Pan Collar Long-Sleeve, $30,

    Jacket, $50,
  • 4beetle.jpg

    4. Wear a dress

    It’s that simple! Just throw on some tights or heavier leggings to keep your legs warm. By putting on that dress you haven’t worn since you hung it up in your closet last October, you can brighten your mood in a flash. Rock a scarf for extra coziness.


    Gemstone Beetle Print Dress, $20,

    Leggings, $10,

    Cocoon Cardigan, $15,

    sur la tete Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf, $19,
  • 5bluenecklace.jpg

    5. Go wild with jewelry

    We mean this in the most subdued way possible. By go wild, we really mean try pairing pieces you wouldn’t normal wear together like a chunky statement necklace and a few statement rings—the focal point will be on your accessories and that way you can feel comfortable wearing that neutral knit…again.

    Sweater, $25,

    La Flor Cobalt Necklace, $37,

    Julee's Large Gray Oval Natural Stone Fashion Ring, $27,

    Signet Initial Ring, $20,

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by Alexis Gavrelis | 2/1/2016