Ed. Obsession: Why not rock a bow tie?

It’s something about crisper air and a love of blazers that makes my fall style decidedly more masculine. And recently, I’ve been embracing the world of bow ties. After all, what’s cuter than a girl in a bow tie? Nothing. Well, maybe a kitten in a bow tie, but you catch my drift.

My menswear leanings usually start with a great pair of dark jeans (I’ll take black, please), a crisp button down, a sharp blazer, and yes, a bow tie. Sure, they’re a staple of guy formal wear, but they definitely have girly roots. A few of my fave bows, below:


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  • 1bowtie.jpg

    The classic

    Love this option from ASOS that’s pre-tied. A sure thing.

    ASOS Chiffon Bow Neck Tie, $15,

  • 2bowtie.jpg

    The ingénue

    Sweetly striped and a decidedly French girl take, especially when worn with pastel polish.

    Unisex Seersucker Bow Tie, $19,

  • 3bowtie.jpg

    The Quirky

    Hesitant to tie one on? This necklace is a cheeky twist on the trend.

    Bow Tie Necklace, $15,

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by Jessica D'Argenio Waller | 2/1/2016
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