Flashback Friday: Vintage trends we're loving all over again

History sure does repeat itself! These trends from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s are making a major comeback. Get ready to raid Mom’s closet and snag a few of these rad pieces for regular wardrobe rotation. 



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  • 1FF.jpg

    Are you ready to retire your skinnies? Trade ’em out for these flared jeans. They look fab with any style of shoes. Or no shoes, if ya feelin’ hippie chic.

    Frey Hem Flare Jeans, $25,

    Flare Bettys Jeans, $30,

    Flare Stretch Jean, $36,

  • 2FF.jpg

    Flannel shirts are a grunge era essential these days. Throw one over your fave tee or tie it around your waist for that effortless look.

    FULL TILT Flannel Shirt, $27,

    BDG Double Pocket Flannel Shirt, $39,

    Fresh Plaid Shirt, $20,

    Wylie Flannel, $35,

  • 3FF.jpg

    We could not be more excited about this comeback! Tie it in your hair or wear it on your wrist. This accessory adds an adorable touch no matter what you do with it!

    90’s Throwback Scrunchie Set, $4,

    2-Pack Hair Scrunchies, $5,

    Throwback Scrunchie Set, $4,

    Femme Girl Scrunchie Set, $4,

  • 4FF.jpg

    Who needs a belt when your pants go over your shoulders? Overalls are genius; we wish they never went out of style. Welcome back, old friends.

    Denim Pinafore Dress, $20,

    Prairie Life Denim Overalls, $33,

    Short Denim Overalls, $27,

    Destroyed 2-1 Overalls, $20,

    Short Denim Overalls Ripped Vintage Wash, $36,

  • 5FF.jpg

    Ruffle socks were a must-have when we were younger. The best thing? They’re super versatile. They add an instantly girly touch to any outfit.

    Ruffle Ankle Socks, $9,

    Studded Lace-Up Oxford, $13,

    Boots, $49,

    Converse High Top Sneaker, $50,

    Lace-Up Combat Boots, $33,

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by Kayla Anderson | 2/1/2016
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