Turn heads with these adorable DIY American flag shorts

You’ve found the perfect outfit to celebrate the Fourth of July. There’s just one problem: it costs almost as much as you’ve made babysitting this summer. Instead of completely blowing your budget, try this adorable DIY instead. You’ll save money, look cute and be able to show off your USA pride (all for under $10!).

What you’ll need:
+A pair of jeans or cut-off jean shorts (this works better with a lighter wash)
+Masking or painter’s tape
+Fabric paint
+A stiff paintbrush
+Large star stencils
+Studs (optional)
+Brand setter (optional)

What you’ll do:
Step 1: If your jeans are already cut into shorts, you can move on to Step 3. To cut your jeans into jean shorts you’ll need a pair of jean shorts to use as a stencil. Line up the inseams (the seams that are located on the inside part of your leg) of your jeans and your jean shorts. Mark the line you’d like to cut your jeans, adding about an inch. 

Step 2: Before you cut, measure the inseam from the crotch to where you’ve made your mark to on both sides to make sure each leg is even. Cut each leg, making sure to try them on before making any adjustments to length.

Step 3: To create the patriotic design on your jeans, you’ll first want to tape off all the areas that you do not want to be painted. We’d suggest taping the waistband, belt loops, pockets, the crotch and the sides. 

Step 4: Next, apply tape to create the stripes on one leg of the shorts. To ensure the stripes are consistent in size, use a scrap piece of tape to measure the width of each stripe. Set the star stencils on the other leg, making sure to space them evenly. 

Step 5: Now it’s time to add some paint. Using a stiff paint brush, apply the paint to each leg of your shorts. Make sure to wash your paint brush thoroughly before you switch colors (you don’t want to end up with red, white and purple shorts!). Allow the paint to dry according to the directions on the bottle. We’d suggest leaving the tape on while they dry.

Step 6: This step to totally optional, but also super cute. Use a brand setter to poke holes through your jeans to attach studs to your shorts. You can add them wherever you like—the pockets, stripes, in the stars. It’s really up to you!

Photo credit: Free People

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by Mallory Walker | 6/29/2017