Fab up your Friday with faux fur


What is more fabulous than (faux) fur? Nothing. Nothing at all. Get ready for the paparazzi with these four fantastic looks.

  • fur1.png

    Subtle and sweet

    If you don't want to go full Chanel a la Scream Queens, opt for a simple fur scarf and pettable purse.

    Light gold swing dress, $42,

    Cold weather scarf, $$25, 

    Sliuchy suede boots, $45,

    Corseca clutch, $25, 

    Simple white pearl earring stud, $8, 

    Avenue ribbed tights, $13, 

  • fur2.png

    Purrfectly pretty

    A vest makes a statement without overwhelming a basic chambray-and-khaki ensemble, and the cat purse completes the look!  


    Light blue bleached denim blouse, $11, 

    J brand jeans in tan, $35, 

    Sleeveless solid brown faux fur vest, $20,

    Lovely and lush bag, $30, 

    Black aliz fold-over boot, $40, 


  • fur3.png


    This vest is the literal definition of luxe, so do it up right with eye-catching red and classic black.

    Faux fur vest, $25, 

    Burgundy v neck sweater, $17, 

    Skinny reguluar jeans, $20, 

    Eden chunky ankle boots, $43, 

    Rise and shine stud earrings, $38, 


  • fur4.png

    Full-fledged fab

    Time to make a statement. This sweater is crazy-cool; let it do all the talking by keeping things otherwise simple in black and white.

    Black round knit wear, $21, 

    White slim ripped denim pant, $24, 

    Easy street vigor plus boot, $40, 

    Quilted metallic clutch, $8, 


by Kiara Richmond | 2/1/2016