Anyone want thousand-dollar Purpose tour merch?


Probably not—but in case you’ve got a *ton* of cash saved up from your summer job, Justin Bieber’s merch company is teaming up with upscale department store Barneys to release an exclusive collection.

On his Purpose tour, the Biebs has been known for his distressed graphic tees and leather jackets, which will be included in the 31-piece collection. But if you want to jack the singer’s style, it’ll come at a hefty price—the collection will range from $95-$1675!

Slightly-less-expensive Purpose merch from socks to trucker hats have been selling out on the tour’s merch website. But despite the higher price tag of the new collection, Justin is hesitant to call the line “fashion.”

He told The New York Times, “I’m happy and proud people are reacting to it and adopting it. I don’t think of our tour merch as being ‘fashion.’ That’s a really high compliment for what it is. But I am really happy we were able to dial it into something cool the way we did.”

What do you think? How much cash would you shell out for a Bieber-approved leather jacket?

Photo credit: Instagram.


by Kristin Helf | 7/18/2016