Take these 5 ultra-cool 90s trends back to school with you

Back-to-school style got you totally buggin'?  You're not alone—we all freak out about what to wear for the first day back. But these wicked 90s trends that are making a comeback will make your life *much* easier. From dresses to denim, we've picked five styles to spice up your fall wardrobe (you won't look outdated—promise!). 

The White Tee Shirt and Dress

With a white T-shirt and a simple slip dress, it's super easy to achieve this look. This trend is perfect for those of you who are on the go (or, ahem, slept *way* past your alarms) and need a cute look in a flash. Try pairing this duo with some cute sneaks or a cap to achieve that effortless and laid-back 90s babe vibe. 

The Mom Jean

These are *definitely* not your average jeans. This high-waisted and relaxed fitting pair is cute AND comfortable. Try styling them with a simple belt or a fitted top for a more sleeker rendition of this trend. Psst! You can find these jeans at your local thrift store or—shocker!—even in your mom's closet. 

The Choker

Chokers were a wardrobe staple in the 90s and early '00s so it's possible you even rocked one when you were just a tyke. These can add a vintage touch to any outfit and pair perfectly with jeans and a T-shirt, or even a dress. 

The Plaid Skirt

As if! Channel your favorite Clueless character with a plaid skirt and a simple top. Whether your style is girly or edgy, this piece is a versatile must in any wardrobe. Eye-catching boots and a plain shirt allow this skirt to shine, but it would look adorbs mixed with any print (yes—even another plaid!).

The Double Denim  

When it comes to double denim, you may think Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears...but it's easy to tone their iconic look down for school. The key to this trend is to mix and match different denim washes and textures in order to form a cohesive look. Notice how the patches here add pops of color and her patent booties make a statement but don't steal the show. Tip: Swap the cropped tee for a slouchier style to make this look more BTS-friendly.

What's your favorite 90s trend? Will you try out any of these looks this year? Let us know in the comments below. 

Photo credit: Zoe London, Tonya S., Konstanzia and Atusa L, K.C.Daphne B.


by Chloe Jones | 8/3/2016