6 last minute costumes you can make with 6 items you already own

Halloween is *arguably* the best holiday we have. There's free candy, socially accepted dress up and plenty of spooky pranks to go around. Despite how awesome this holiday is, sometimes we're a little too busy to come up with the perfect costume. Maybe you waited until the last minute (ahem, today!) and all that's left at Party City are plastic jack 'o lanterns and Minon costumes (not that we don't love a good Minion, but...). No worries, these six costume ideas are easy and can come right out of your closet!

1. Bank robber 

You'll need: A black beanie, striped T-shirt, black jeans, some type of eye mask, gloves and a tote bag with a dollar sign scribbled on it.

2. Boo from Monster's Inc.

You'll need: purple leggings, a baggy pink T-shirt and white shoes.

3. Tacky tourist

You'll need: with a Hawaiian shirt. Once you have that, you can play up your costume with a myriad of accessories: socks with sandals, high socks, safari hat, camera, a bad T-shirt tan.

4. Cute pirate

You'll need: a bandana, flowy white shirt, vest, black leggings, any tall boots and layers of chunky bracelets and necklaces

5. Mad scientist

You'll need: a lab coat, gloves and some glasses or goggles. Play up the rest of your look with whatever's in your closet!

6. Gumball machine

You'll need: easy DIY-ed pom-pom T-shirt, red jeans and sneakers.

What are you being for Halloween? Will you use any of these last minute costume ideas? Sound off below!


by Cydnii Jones | 10/28/2017