Channel foreign fashion this school year (minus the travel budget!)

Dying to go to Paris and see the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower? Eager to try the delicious gelato in Rome? These foreign vacations sure do seem like a dream come true, but there's just one don't have the money for a plane ticket. No worries, though. By updating your wardrobe with international style pieces under $50, there's no need to board the plane in the first place. 

If you're dreaming of...Paris:

Bring out your inner French girl with an array of blazers, berets, frilly skirts and a pastel color palette.

If you're dreaming of...Tahiti:

Now you have the perfect excuse to break out all your tropical clothing items. Trust me, pineapples are equally as tasteful on clutches and phone cases as they are tasty to eat.

If you're dreaming of...Rome:

With subtle-but-chic clothing, you'll be able to strut down the streets of your neighborhood feeling as if you're walking along the Colosseum. 

If you're dreaming of...London:

Brits are all about classic, ladylike styles—just look to Meghan Markle for inspo! Fill your closet with lots of lace, florals and midi dresses to follow her lead.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


by Carrie Berk | 8/16/2018